Card on file


You can save your credit / debit card for auto-renewal.

Visa / MasterCard / American Express cards are currently supported.

The card for auto-renewal can be different from the card used for account verification.

We use Stripe to save and process your card information and charges. We never receive any sensitive information including your card numbers.

You may update or delete your card at any time.

We'll email you 3 days before your server expires and notify you when your server will be auto-renewed. You may login and cancel auto-renewal.

If you don't cancel auto-renewal, we'll charge from the card on file 1 day before your server expires, and renew the server for 1 month.

The payable amount for auto-renewal will be determined by the renewal pricing and applicable discounts by the time the bill is generated. You can visit payment page for detailed bill.

Idle VPN program is applicable to auto-renewed servers. Your server will be changed accordingly if it qualifies for idle VPN.

The payable amount for auto-renewal will be after deducting your account balance if applicable.

Servers on trial will not be auto-renewed. You need to manually renew those servers, which will be auto-renewed in the future. Or you can decide not to renew those servers, and they'll be deleted when expire.