USD $10 USD $8 per server per month

* Idle VPN with less than 10 GB traffic will be charged at USD $5 per month

Ideal for personal use

  • Only USD $8 for the first month
    Promotion expiry date to be announced

  • Get 1 month free with every 11 consecutive months
    Not to be used in conjunction with other promotions

  • Server located in 37 areas globally

  • Server relocation or IP change with one click
    Up to 5 times per month per server

  • Unlimited network usage

  • Create up to 3 servers

  • Block malicious websites

  • 7-Day short term VPN USD $4

  • 14-Day short term VPN USD $7

  • Pay quarterly at USD $22 per server

  • Pay annually at USD $85 per server

VPN Plus

USD $12 per server per month

Ideal for team use

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