VPN Guard

VPN Guard is a security enhancing service based on DNS filtering.

Once you connect to OneMole VPN with VPN Guard enabled, all domain name resolution requests will be filtered. Any connection to the website whose domain name is known to be a malicous domain will not be served.

This could protect your safety, as it prevents you accessing malicious websites. What's more, no website will be able to install any malware to your device.

As a feature related to security, VPN Guard will be enabled for all users by default.

Please rest assured that your domain name resolution requests will not be logged, so that no one will have access to your history of browsing in any form. Meanwhile, you may turn off VPN Guard at any time, though it is not recommended for your safety.

You can login to https://my.onemole.net to turn on and off VPN Guard.

VPN Guard Advanced

VPN Plus plan users and DNSonly servers for Basic users will have additional protections on security and privacy.

You can:

  • Block access to adult contents
  • Hide advertisements
  • Stop tracking codes on websites

This could help you to manage the usage of VPN by your team members, reduce data usage, accelerate websites, and improve your experiences of Internet browsing.

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