TCP Ping

This page shows time to TCPing domain or IP address by trying to access favicon.ico on the remote host. The remote host must have an open port 80 allowing incoming TCP connections.

Enter the address or IP:

* Note:

  • If you enter a domain name to ping, the domain name will be resolved by our server and a Ping value from our server to the remote host will be evaluated.
  • The resolved IP will be sent back to your browser and will be TCPinged by your browser. If timeout is returned, while our server is able to connect to the remote host, you should check with your ISP for any possible blocking firewall rule.
  • If your browser is able to TCPing the remote host, another attempt would be made to TCPing the host by its domain name. Do take note that your browser may resolve the domain name to a different IP than our server. This could be due to DNS poisoning or more commonly a geolocation based DNS setup by the remote host.
  • If your browser is unable to TCPing the remote host via domain name, it is possible that an invalid DNS result is obtained or the server of the remote host is not setup properly.